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    IamAT is a mechanical engineering consulting firm founded in early 2013. Our mission is to offer dynamic and effective execution of mechanical engineering projects to the industry. We make our mission a reality by insisting on thorough pre-project preparation, and by focusing on the operator experience and user-friendliness when developing process equipment.

    We are convinced that we deliver better projects when different capabilities are brought into play. For this reason, we do not hesitate to draw on our large network of business partners to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Our large network includes industrial and technical designers, manufacturers, and skilled engineers ready to bring their perspective to our projects.

    Together we are stronger.

    Our expertise is far-reaching within the mechanical engineering field. So far, we have assisted our customers in managing entire engineering projects from project quotation to project closure, in building stand-alone modules, and in bringing new products to life through product development and prototyping. Nothing is too big or small.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anders Thorngaard, CEO


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    Project Management

    Implementing timely and sound engineering projects

    quotation, engineering, project closure


    Our main competence is to assist engineering companies in managing and carrying out mechanical engineering projects. We can assist throughout the process from defining, developing, and implementing every step of the engineering tasks to final project closure, or we can apply our expertise to specific elements of the process, as requested.


    We also offer our specialist engineering knowledge to customers who are in the process of describing and writing quotation offers.

    Our experience is that incorporating engineering understanding as early in the process as possible will increase the chances of the project succeeding within the estimated budget and timeline.

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    Process Optimization

    Avoiding unnecessary setbacks with upfront optimization

    flow and P&ID


    At IamAT we are convinced that any successful engineering project starts with thorough preparation to ensure feasibility of the project and to test whether the smartest solution is being applied. Process optimization is therefore a key service provided by IamAT.


    We assist our customers with process optimization in the P&ID phase by verifying information and testing whether other solutions could be more beneficial to use.

    For our customers, time spent on process optimization is time spent avoiding unnecessary setbacks at a later stage in the engineering process. When we assist our customers in process optimization, we draw on our network of competent automation and electrical engineering specialists.

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    Product Development

    Knowing every great idea deserves a chance!

    user-driven product development




    Product development often starts with an identified problem to which no solution has yet been found. Through years of working with product development, including prototyping, we offer our assistance to companies (engineering as well as non-engineering) in accelerating and streamlining the development process of new products or components.

    Our approach to product development and prototyping is highly structured and follows 4 steps:

    Define: Listen and discuss the need with both the product developer and the product end users to clearly define the problem/task to be solved.

    Problem solving: Developing one or more possible solutions to solve the problem.

    Construct: The best way to see it is to feel it! The first prototype of the product is constructed to evaluate the merits of the product.


    Iterate: The first physical construction is rarely the final product. The product development and construction phases are repeated until the final product has satisfactorily solved the problem.


    Our latest project (in Danish): Designerstik.dk



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    Tools and expertise

    Combining traditional mechanical engineering disciplines with the newest IT platforms

    Module design, equipment manufacturing, prototyping


    The work of IamAT builds on a combination of years of experience within traditional mechanical engineering disciplines and an ability and curiosity to work within the newest engineering IT programs such as Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD (including Cadison) and SolidWorks.


    Our mechanical engineering expertise covers amongst other things the following disciplines: 


    • Project quotation

    • Pre-engineering packages

    • Plant layout

    • Module design (stand-alone and process lines)

    • Manufacturing of equipment in collaboration with workshops

    • Inspection and testing of equipment

    • Documentation

    • Prototyping and product development

    • CAD work


    Feel free to contact us even if your needs fall outside the disciplines mentioned. We might still be able to help you.


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    Anders Thorngaard

    CEO - Mechanical Engineer


    With an educational background as a mechanical engineer, I have many years of experience within the fields of developing and designing process equipment for industries such as the food, filling, and packaging industries.

    Due to my passion for design and user-driven product development, I have also worked for some of the major design and innovation houses such as CPH Design and Hightech Innovation.

    Most importantly, I enjoy the synergy that occurs when different mindsets and skills come together to fulfill tomorrow’s needs.

    I look forward to working with you!


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    Our huge network

    We are stronger together

    We have a huge network of skilled engineers and designers just waiting for your project. Amongst others, our network includes:


    Frej Lotus - Industrial design


    GN Production A/S - Workshop


    Inspicos A/S - EU Patent Attorney


    Damvig A/S - 3D Prototyping

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    IamAT ApS


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    +45 2274 4510


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    Our main office i located in Copenhagen's new neighborhood - Sluseholmen.


    We also work out of our clients' locations